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Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser  – Firefox browser Firefox Browser for Android Released by Mozilla  Includes x86 processor version With the release of Firefox, the Mozilla Foundation has been able to bring its name to tongues and gain worldwide reputation. The browser launched by this company is now known as one of the top …

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Instagram  – The new Instagram social networking app for Android Instagram With new versions of Instagram Plus and its GI InstaMod Instagram – Instagram is considered to be the largest social sharing video and video network that has attracted a lot of fans from Iran. Instagram, after Facebook, is recognized as the second most popular social …

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Google Docs

Google Docs v1.7.312.04 – Latest version of Google Docs Android After a long wait, Google finally released Android after Google’s introduction of Google Docs and Google Sheets, which was previously released for IOS. These software, editing and new applications are likely to compete with Microsoft. Google Docs software, as its name …

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Google Photos

Google Photos  – Manage and categorize images with Google Photos (former Picasa) A product from Google Google Photos is a well-known Google name for Android phones, which allows users to manage and categorize images on their mobile device. This software will provide you with the necessary tools and tools. Features: Highly …

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Stitchcraft: Long screenshot v1.3.0.77

Stitchcraft: Long screenshot v1.3.0.77 – A cool and interesting application for recording long screen shot for Android Stitchcraft: Long screenshot Stitchcraft: Long screenshot A professional and functional software for recording long and continuous screen shots on Android, published by With the help of this software, you can easily scan screenshot of …

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