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Pocket Spy Sound Recorder

Pocket Spy Sound Recorder – Please play the demo movie, and install to a widget. (not app).

Remember the position of the icon that you dragged. If it doesn’t work, reboot your phone ! ★★★★★★★ Secret mp3 voice and call recorder Widget

★ One touch quick start recording (no need open)

★ Urgent recording using power button (no need screen on)

★ Encrypted recorder (Anti-hacking, safe even if lost phone, hidden files)

* Nobody can hear the recorded file.

 Spy Voice Recorder- screenshot
★ Icon hiding, hidden recording state.

★ Automatic sending to email without any notifications.

★ Folder size allocation function : If folder overflow, it deletes the oldest file.

★ Voice and call recording, the best high quality audio, very low file size, very low battery use.

★ Schedule recording

* This is a widget, not app. Please install to a widget. (Play demo movie)

< How to use >

– Start recording : Touch the icon once, the recording will start after 1.5 seconds.

* The window is not opened, and the icon display “()” of recording time.

– Urgent recording : Press the power button to repeat more than 4 times at 0.5-second intervals.

* When urgent recording starts vibrate alerts.

– Stop recording : Touch the icon twice (double click) within 1.5 seconds.

– Open window : Touch the icon 3 times within 2 seconds.

* Play the demo movie, please !!

  Spy Voice Recorder- screenshot


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