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LINE Let’s Get Rich

LINE Let’s Get Rich – LINE Let’s Get Rich is an online monopoly game. Of course, because this game online, then you will need an internet connection to play. By playing this game, you do not have to bother looking for an opponent to play as opposed to playing will be resolved automatically by the system, either the computer or other players.How to play monopoly is not so different from the usual, you will run a pawn according to the number of dice that you throw. After that you build, however different from the usual monopoly,LINE Let’s Get Rich has elements that make the games released by this LINE seemed RPG. For example, characters or pieces that you play has its own class and level with different abilities. You can buy forcibly city that has been owned by your opponent. Even you can also send sabotage such as sand storms or earthquakes to the city owned the enemy to reduce the rent, you know!There are several important elements in this game as the character cards, dice, cube and others. Confused as to what the intent of the character cards and so on? Do not worry, that’s why we will discuss them together here in LINE Let’s Get Rich Tips.
 Line Lets Get Rich Tips- screenshot thumbnail so…enjoy this tips…….

  Line Lets Get Rich Tips- screenshot thumbnail
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