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Anti Mosquito Prank Pro(No AD)

 Anti Mosquito Prank Pro(No AD)- screenshot

Anti Mosquito Prank Pro(No AD) – Description:
“Anti Mosquito” play sounds with a high frequency between 8,000 and 22,000 hertz, which will keep mosquitoes, midge and other insects away from you. Mosquitos can mistake that sound as the sound of their enemies (e.g. dragonflies, bats).
Most humans can’t hear these ultrasonics but the mosquitos can hear them, so it is no harmful for human and environment.WARNING
This App is just a sound simulation. Some mobiles can’t play the high frequency sound correctly.
The Effectively of ultrasonic against mosquitoes is not scientifically proven. There is no guarantee for function! But we are giving you a tool so you can test it by yourself.
If you want to anti mosquito efficiently, especially in malaria areas, it is highly recommended to use a proper mosquito plug(e.g. mosquito net, mosquito coil and mosquito repellent liquid)!

1. Simulate sounds of mosquito predators to anti mosquitos
2. Support Normal, Home, Sleep and Outdoor mode for different scenes
3. Using phototaxis, build-in fluorescent lamps can attract mosquitoes and keep away from you
4. Set 5 min, 30 min or 1 hour play duration to save your phone’s power
5. Build in a beat mosquitoes game, come and kill those annoying mosquitos

  Anti Mosquito Prank Pro(No AD)- screenshot


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