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LG Optimus Lockscreen

LG Optimus Lockscreen – A few hours ago , we introduced the Lock Screen as the Samsung Galaxy Lock for Android , which was really nice and popular, and as soon as our users posted them, they sent requests for LG crackers and we decided to quickly install the Lock Screen Also, let’s introduce ELIGI OPTIMUS! LG Optimus Lockscreen is a screen lock for LG Optimus phones for other Android phones that you can install on your Android mobile device you can unlock the screen of the LG Optimus (G) to lock your smartphone! In fact, with the help of this great software, you can bring the lacquer screen of LG phones to your mobile and give a special and unique look to lock your mobile screen.

The LG Optimus Lockscreen, which is released free by X-Andev, has been downloaded by over $ 1,000,000 to Android users around the world and is one of the most popular Android customization programs.

Some of the features and features of LG Optimus Lockscreen Android:

* Includes all kinds of crystalline effects, dew in the dark, rippled, white pits and so on

* Supports shortcuts to locate mobile screens

* Supports notifications such as calls and so on

* Supports security locks with pin code, pattern (template) and so on

* Supports widget to put in lock screen

App LG Optimus Lockscreen is now at the Play Store has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 that we have today in Farsrvyd to users of the latest version of its put at your disposal.

Note that: The version of the LG Optimus Lockscreen program that we have put for you is a non-ad-free ad-free version

Download LG Optimus Lockscreen - Unlock the LG Optimus Android screen!



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