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Durango: Wild Lands

 Dinosaur Realm: survival- screenshot thumbnail

Durango: Wild Lands – In this sandbox with the open world you have to enter into durango battle with the forces of prehistoric nature in the face of formidable dinosaurs! You will fight for your existence on the lost island that these giant lizards inhabit. Engage in crafting, extract useful resources, build houses, hunt and fight off predatory dinosaurs (taming herbivores) – and you can easily conquer this outlandish island!

You will manage a group of people who suffer a rather strange railway accident – their train gets into a suddenly opened portal leading to another time dimension. Gathered in a small group, the surviving passengers are aware of the terrible thing: they were in the wild lands distant past, in times when dinosaurs still lived and reigned on Earth. Now the goal of the surviving heroes is pretty clear: they need to adapt as quickly as possible and equip their lives on this island, while avoiding the danger of giant pangolins, ready to attack at any moment!

– Manage several characters at once, each of which has unique skills!

– Engage in crafting by studying plant and rock species. Turn all these resource isle into useful materials!

– Install near your homes defensive fortifications and traps, defending against predatory dinosaurs!

– Train your heroes with durango wild lands hunting skills so that they can get their own food!

– Tame the herbivorous dinosaurs and use them as helpers in agriculture!

– Work in a team with your fellow sufferers – together you can resist any threat!

Show that even such neighbors as terrible dinosaurs can not prevent you from living!

  Dinosaur Realm: survival- screenshot


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