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FAST LAUNCHER PRO-Fast, Simple (CRACKED APP) – FAST LAUNCHER PRO allows Android users to simplify the home of their interface, to purify their screens and access the functions they need as quickly and as simply as possible.
FAST Technology has been developed to allow users to save time and battery power.
 FAST LAUNCHER PRO-Fast, Simple- screenshot
★★★ NOTICE ★★★
1. License open source: MIT license
2. This launcher needs to use Device Administrator permission for lock screen by long-press launcher button or double-tap everywhere on screen launcher. If you do not use this function, you can not enable it.
3. This launcher needs to use BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE permission for counting unread notification of applications. If you do not use this function, you can not enable it in Settings.
4. You can view our privacy policy at: FAST settings -> Contact us -> Privacy Policy.< 400 KB: Small sized

* SAVE BATTERY LIFE: Optimized battery drain
* NEW EXPERIENCE: Experience android in a new way
* SMART SEARCH: Find everything that you need. It gets smarter and smarter.
* FAST USAGE: Faster than ever


★ Add incoming message’s contact to history
★ Add incoming call’s contact to history
★ Support icon packs (download from google store)
★ View by list view or grid view
★ Root mode
★ Restart launcher mode if launcher do not update
when change themes or new contacts added
★ View and edit list excluded apps
★ Auto brightness toggle
★ Add more settings: Display, Date time, Data Roaming,
Sound, Security, My account,…
★ Remove favorite items by long press
★ Change color text/icon based on themes
★ Support add widgets to home screen
★ Show badge number on apps icon as notification, unread SMS, phone, email, …..
★ Add screen off by long press launcher button or double tap anywhere
★ Add gesture swipe left and right to open specific apps.

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Want to talk about Fast launcher and stay informed of the latest developments in the application? You can also participate in the official community on Google+. You are welcome!

If you have any suggestions about new function,
please send info to email: or add info to your review.

Thank you so much!

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