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IDBS Truk Tangki

 IDBS Truk Tangki – Simulation Games tanker Indonesia

The map in this game uses a map jakarta

Your task is to send fuel from Plumpang Fuel Terminal Go to

1- Gas Station Jayakarta
2- Gas Station Mangga Besar
3- filling stations Bungur Besar
4- petrol stations Samanhudi
5- filling stations Batu Ceper
6- gas stations GAJAHMADA
7- gas stations Ketapang
 IDBS Truk Tangki- screenshot

 IDBS Truk Tangki- screenshot
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Pertamina Fuel Tank Trucks 1-
2- Custom Livery, you can custom design their own trucks
3- MAP
4- GPS
5- MP3
6- Rain
7- Wiper
8- Steering type
9- Traffic Option
10- Graphic Option
11- 3 types of camera
12 front camera swipe left rightinstagram

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