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Moto Racer 2017

Moto Racer 2017 – Moto Racer 2017

Real life moto racer is out there on the road with this new 2017 game!

All the bikers and fast paced furious racers! Get ready to test your driving skills against one of the most dangerous bike drivers around as here you would be on the highway with heavy vehicle traffic driving on really fast speed. These adventure tracks and smooth carpets for the races.

Your furious urge to kill those evil bikers will drive you through this highway and make you the winner. You would bet in here and chase your dreams. You have plenty of heavy bikes to choose from and get on the track. You’ve got one wheel boost option to get a NOS like in those in Fast and the Furious and also you’ve got couple of weapons. It’s a hardcore bike race and all you have to deal with is life and death while you accelerate. It is thrill of mad moto racer.

Once the money has gone from your account you won’t get it back until you win the race. Bike stunts are massive and thrilling. It is more of an action scene on the road and the superfast heavy bikes you have, fly! Kill the enemy and win the bet. Good Luck!
 Moto Racer 2017- screenshot


 Moto Racer 2017- screenshot
– Easy to Use
– Multiple motorbikes, motor cycles.
– Multiple environments. Locked and unlocked environments.
– Flexible controls
– Multiple game modes
– one way and two ways traffic modes
– flexible and comfortable usage and gears through which you can control it easily
– Nice and clear stylized graphics
– Tilt/buttons control
– Use Nitro to beat opponent
– Real life traffic racer
– Moving and static obstacles
– Collect Cash
– Store to buy bikes
– Endless Run (infinite run)

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