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Infinity Space 1.5 APK

Infinity Space is a game which reflects the incredible history of mankind to face the unknown. You will go into space in search of expanding humanity’s achievements.

Visit planets never before seen by human!
Reach the longest distance that has been visited in the universe!
Improve your spaceship to make new achievements!
Escape the dangers of the universe: meteorites, solar rays, meteorites belts, black holes, enormous planets with incredible gravity.

  Infinity Space- screenshot

  Infinity Space- screenshot

  Infinity Space- screenshot

Key Features:
– Explore universe in all directions ( not only one like other runners )
– The universe is alive, it’s in constant rotation besides having gravity.
– Discover new planets for the glory of mankind.
– Incredible space ships inspired in the greatest famous ships.
– Upgrades your space ship for reach new goals.
– The ship has amazing skills like a radar for detection of planets, shields and turbo effects.
– 24 Amazing missions.

Download apk file(33.2MB)


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