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Commando Adventure Shooting 5.4 APK

Commando adventure shooting is an action- packed FPS shooting game with engaging battlefield scenarios, realistic 3D blasts & explosions, military controlled missions & advanced weapon-control mechanisms.
The military forces have taken serious action against the enemy troops after they threatened the army with a surgical strike. The best sniper commanders, army officers & military shooters have been assigned to this mission. Army sniper commandos have been deployed at the border to infiltrate into enemy base camp for a perfect sniper hunt.
Track down all the enemies by the help of advanced digital radar system, blast all the watchtowers, blow up enemy camps, gunships & troops and leave no stone unturned in wiping the enemy troops off this place.
The enemies know of your intentions and their army chief has issued directs orders to the army snipers, watchtower defenders & army soldiers to defend their territory at any cost. This whole place is heavily secured by smart sniper shooters & enemy commanders, if they found you in their scope, they would kill you right away. Try to clear the area by snipers. Take the charge & approach your enemies to kill them with your ammunition before they kill you! Use your superior aiming & shooting skills to confront enemy in the combat zone.
With some real warfare challenges that you’d face as an army commando shooter, the Commando Adventure Shooting game has everything you have ever wished for! Don’t be deliberate in action, though! You can’t afford a mistake, so think things through and deploy an effective plan so as to mitigate all the consequences of a violent conflict.
As you shoot your way through one dire situation after another to save a world on the brink of anarchy you’ll confront some real war challenges & epic battle zone scenarios. Enjoy the best game for army sniper shooting & battlefield simulation. Rise with your utmost strategy planning skills to fight for your survival.
Explore the war zone in 3D to enjoy the best warfare experience, intricate details in the game play, high quality 3D visuals, stunning graphics with action fight simulation and engaging action game scenarios, intuitive 1st person shooting controls and various other shooting facets in Commando Adventure Shooting.

  Commando Adventure Shooting- screenshot

  Commando Adventure Shooting- screenshot

  Commando Adventure Shooting- screenshot

– Use virtual joystick to move the First person shooter
– Aim with the lower right side of the screen
– Tap bullet button to fire!
– Tap zoom to have a detailed, magnified view
– Tap the map for a satellite-view
– Tap gun to switch between guns
– Kill enemies to equip with their guns & ammunition
– Move strategically to gun down the enemies
– Accomplish missions to become the master hitman
– Variety of guns to enjoy the best shooting experience
– Real battle zone challenges
– Action-oriented FPS game
– Realistic 3D army shooting missions
– The best army action sequences
– A radar to indicate nearby targets
– Joystick to control direction
– Realistic & detailed warzone strikes
– Fast and intense killing action
– Complete missions to earn rewards & cash
– Buy guns & magazines by the earned cash
– Upgrade your weapons to destroy the enemies
– User- friendly GUI and controls
– FREE to play!
Commando adventure shooting delivers breathless intensity & epic warfare challenges in 3D. Install Modern commando shooting game to begin the military onslaught!
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Download apk file(49.7MB)


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