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Iron Avenger 2: No Limits v1.55

It is  v1.55 + Mod

– A fascinating and thrilling arcade game for Android

Iron Avenger 2 – No Limits, is back, in 2017, more powerful than ever, explore the city seen as never before, unlock new armor classes, and upgrade them to help you escape.
This awesome yet free game is the ultimate combination between addictive game play, lovely graphics and the obviously the most awesome character in a mobile game, even Iron Man feels ashamed of himself when compared to the Iron Avenger.

 Iron Avenger 2 : No Limits- screenshot thumbnail

  Iron Avenger 2 : No Limits- screenshot

Some Features:

– infinite non repetitive stages (every time you play the level is different, you have to think fast)

– rhythm game play that keeps you entertained for hours
– multiple character classes and skins
– level up your armors
– multiple stages with different scenery and new game play mechanics
– awesome 3D mobile graphics (obviously)
Upcoming – multiple characters with different special powers
-even more complex stages
-achievement system
-optimization for older devices ( nobody gets left behind ! )

The general features of the game also include very fun rhythms that will not be tedious for you soon; the possibility of changing an iron man’s clothes to his liking; the possibility of upgrading an iron man and using his special capabilities in difficult situations More; different stages in unique environments; interesting and different gameplay; the ability to collect coins that you see throughout the city and use them for different uses; very beautiful 3D graphics and generally good construction point Did you To download, join us.

Download the main installation file Download direct attack game


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