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Crazy for Speed ​​v1.6.3033

It is v1.6.3033 + Mod

– Crazy Extreme Crazy Cars Game Speed ​​Android.

Crazy For Speed is a racing simulation game of sports cars. It has real sound effect and 3D graphics. You can easy to control the game with the first-person perspectives or the third-person perspectives. There are lots of racing tracks and scenes waiting for you to explore. Drive your hypercar and chase on the road. Crash! Drift! Roll! Gallop! Overtake! Challenge the players from all over the world. Be the world’s top racing driver. Crazy For Speed will give you an unparalleled game experience.

  Speed Racing- screenshot

  Speed Racing- screenshot

  Speed Racing- screenshot

Some Features:
* Realistic graphics, physics and sound effect
* Plenty of supercars and racing tracks
* Driving license exam game mode
* Upgrade the car

The game features great graphics and sound effects; full compliance with the physical rules in the game; the ability to play from the first person or third person viewing angle; the inclusion of dozens of racing machines and tracks and various routes in the game ; Driving test mode; Possibility to upgrade the car and in general its excellent construction! You will first be able to view screenshots of the gameplay and, if you want to, download them from the flash servers at a glance.

Download the main installation file Direct download


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