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WhatsMapp 1.6.0

It is v1.6.0

– The fastest, best and most different version of WhatsApp mods for Android

As you know, WhatsApp Messenger is the best, most popular, and most familiar name for various devices, which we will always have on the Forex, the latest and most current version as soon as possible and simultaneously with the release on Google Play! With this Messenger, you are able to send texts, photos, videos, files and information free of charge to friends and acquaintances from around the world via the Internet and at a low cost. For a long time, we introduced the Plus version of this Messenger with additional features such as hiding the last visitor … And unfortunately, the follow-up and actions of the Facebook company (WhatsApp owner) stopped working and the other possibility Do not use the Plus version! Now going to introduce one of the most unique version of WhatsApp with WhatsMapp Having it installed on your Android mobile device, you can, in addition to having the features of the original version, have some great features like hide the last visit, hide the blue tick, hide the typing, hide two tags, and so on!

Some features:

* Ability to disable the option to show your last visit

* Ability to disable and hide blue tick, double tick and …

* Hide the Typing option when typing text!

* Having several dedicated icons to choose from by you

* Having a powerful AntiBan code function to prevent blocking

Download Now – Size:19.8MB


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