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Mypeople Messenger V4.8.5

 4.8.5 – Android + Windows Messenger

MyPeople Messenger is a very popular and awesome messenger from Daum Communications, which has been featured as Messenger for Windows, Android and more. And its Android version has been downloaded more than 50 million times by users of Google Play! With this easy-to-use messenger, you can easily get as close as possible to voice, video, and text chats! Yes, you will be able to create group chats, talk to users around the world for free and experience video chat with the highest quality possible with.

Some Features:

Messaging, VoIP and video calls; everything for free on mypeople! We provide you with unique stickers for you to use when you chat with your friends!
– Unlimited, FREE messaging & calls!
Enjoy chats, group chats, free calls and HD-quality video calls (Wi-Fi only) on mypeople!
Every service we provide is free, and we have no mobile ads that may annoy you.
Anyone anywhere around the world can enjoy mypeople as much as they want!
– More than 450 different stickers for FREE!
They’re cute, unique and FREE. They even move! Stickers we provide will make your conversations
more fun and lively. Plus, you don’t have to pay anything to use these cute little stickers!

– Stay connected all the time! PC-Mobile in real-time sync
Your chats, voice and video calls can be converted in real-time from PC to PC and PC to mobile!
– Share high quality videos & photos
There will be no more quality downgrades of the photos you share on mypeople!
You can send big video files (up to 200MB) to your friends without waiting.
Mp3 files can be played on mypeople right away.
– Customize your mypeople app with new themes!
You can customize your mypeople app with the new themes we provide for FREE!
We will continuously update new themes, so freely change your theme as much as you like!
Download install file with direct link – Size:13.7MB Download direct link – Size:26.2MB


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