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Google Messenger 1.9.036

It is v1.9.036

– Google Voice and Text Messenger for Android

Google Messenger Messenger is a famous Google Android company that lets you chat and chat in a very simple and lovely environment with friends, acquaintances and your family anywhere on this planet! Yes, this time the internet giant has been making Messenger to bring users around the world using Watts up and other Messengers! As you said, you can chat with friends with this messenger, share photos, videos, music and other files, use the blocker to block certain people, and even enjoy lovely and beautiful emoticons in the mess Use yourself! If you are a fan of Google and you like to experience the powerful messenger of this company on your Android device, do not miss Google Messenger at all!

Some Features and Features of the Android Google Messenger app:

Chat and chat with friends and contacts

* Share photos, videos, music and …

* Ability to block certain files for missing messages

* Use colored text in your emoji

Download 17Mb for Arm Download 19Mb for Arm64 Download 19Mb dedicated X86 program installer


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