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WhatsApp MOD 2.0

It is v2.0

– The Best WhatsApp Mod Android

 WhatsApp MOD A great Watts app and the best Android Watts app.Based on the official Watts app and unlike other Watts apps such as Watts Plus Plus, AJ Wattspot, WatteSpot, and more, just the original WhatsApp app is installed in place of the original version and no major upgrade to the app. Is! Undoubtedly, you all know the famous Wattec Messenger; a global messenger with millions of users from all over the world that allows you to make voice and text calls in a truly lovely and simple environment! The one you use with Messenger Watts App will surely let you know that your last hit, your online, text read ticking … do not show up for your friends and relatives; now for the first time in Iran WAP: Best WhatsApp MOD We introduce our presence, which undoubtedly will be amazing! This version of Wattecheap has full security and we recommend it to all Android users!

Some features:

  • The original and official base with the latest version of the WhatsApp app
  • No ads and 182 new emoticons
  • Ability to delete date and time when copying +2 messages from chats
  • Possibility to freeze your last visit and display the freeze time forever!
  • Delete options for a tick, 2 tick, read and. . For the other side!
  • Removing Display Typing … when writing by you
  • Super Text Selectable Function for Copy I Status and …
  • Ability to hide the contact tab from the WhatsApp app by you
  • Disable the limit of sending image from 10 to infinity!
  • Disable video sending limitation from 30 MB to infinity!
  • Send images with full resolution (unlike the original version)!
  • Backup and restore data (similar to titanium backup)
Download Now – Size:21.7MB


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