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The Pirate: The Plague of the Dead v1.5

The Pirate: The Plague of the Dead v1.5 – It is  v1.5 + Mod

– The Pirate Battle Games Android

Take the helm of your own ship and conquer the Caribbean!
The Pirate: Plague of the Dead is a sandbox game, letting you see what it’s like to be the fiercest pirate captain to ever hoist the Jolly Roger! Assume the role of legendary pirate captain John Rackham, and use arcane voodoo magic to raise the Flying Gang from the dead. Together, the members of this historical band of pirates will face the terrifying Inquisitor.
Each of the resurrected captains has unique skills, which improve your ship’s statistics, ensure more gold, give advantage in battle or even let you summon the mighty Kraken!
Featuring an open world without loading screens, dynamic day and night cycle and weather system, it offers each mobile gamer an unforgettable experience.
Plague of the Dead is a new installment of The Pirate series, following the hit game Caribbean Hunt, which met with a great reception and gained a steady following.

The Pirate: The Plague of the Dead

Some Features:

The Plague of the Dead include things like night and day, and various weather conditions; fast loading without the need to display a loading page; a story mode that can be locked with its missions. Unique ships and historic captains from the golden age of the pirates; an open and vast environment that includes well-known waters and unidentified waters; waters where you may encounter a lot of enemies. And to treasure islands Hit the cities and the smugglers; it’s possible to sail in the Caribbean, conquer cities, trade with others, find treasure and unknown positions; have a mechanism for trading and trading that allows you to make coins Get more gold and use it to boost your ships; create a fleet of pirate ships and become a prominent power in the Caribbean, HD graphics and great design over its diminished volume! You can first view the images of The Pirate: Plague of the Dead gameplay and download it with one click from the high-speed server.

Download the main installation file. Download direct game install .


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