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Ancient Planet Tower Defense v1.1.15

It is v1.1.15 + Mod

– Super Android toy defense game + Trailer

The stronghold of an ancient civilization has been invaded by hordes of alien raiders.
Use powerful technologies of the Ancient and repel the attack of the enemy’s armies!! The overall story of the game is that the ancient planet is attacked by a huge range of attackers, and now you have to defend with the help of ancient defense tools and overthrow them one by one! The developer has presented interesting details about his game on Google Play, which is exactly what we are translating: “Nowadays, all manufacturers make their games online to earn, but we’ve done differently, and a strategic game – the tower. We have provided a unique defense that does not require the internet and is offline and you can play as long as your battery is charged! Today everyone is looking to earn money and earn money, but we have a game.We have prepared for you an unobtrusive and engaging game that attracts your attention: “Yes. In Ancient Planet Tower Defense, you can play games offline, put defensive towers in the direction of the attackers, and put them Drag and drop your land! If you’re an Android tower enthusiast, do not miss Ancient Planet Tower Defense.

  Ancient Planet Tower Defense- screenshot

Some Features:

– Classic Tower Defense (TD) for those who are fond of good old games;
– Building towers in any free area on the field;
– 40 unique levels;
– Plenty of diverse enemies with their own features;
– The game offers upgrading towers, as well as everything else. New improvements allow selecting exceptional strategies for each level. Even the base can be upgraded!
– Improvements can be reset and distributed at will, it is free and you get all your emeralds back;
– The storyline is based on recollections of the veterans of intergalactic wars;
– Our artist visited the ancient planet himself in order to recreate its image in the game;
– Character voices sound identical to real ones;
– The game was developed upon the order of the High Council of the Intelligent Civilizations of the Galaxy;
– There should have been one more feature here, but it failed censorship, so we replaced it with an advert: “Galactic energy drink “

Download the main installation file with direct link Direct download link Download the trailer (videos of gameplay)


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