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T Swipe Pro Gestures App

T Swipe Pro Gestures App – T Swipe Gestures allows to perform custom actions by simply swipe on the screen; also allows control your device without using physical buttons.
T Swipe Gestures is simple, accurate and light.
T Swipe Gestures is designed for smartphone and tablet.

 It is v2.9 – Android touch screen customization app

The most popular reasons for the Android operating system is the ability to create custom gestures and shortcuts that make managing the device much easier. Among the different ways of creating a shortcut, one of the best is a swipe of the screen, or a special gesture, whereby you can call any program or access specific setting. T Swipe Pro Gestures A special app title for customizing the touch screen of Android smart devices. This advanced program allows you to create shortcuts by creating different gestures and easily call anything in the shortest possible time. A variety of settings are available in this software, the most popular of which are access to a favorite program, screen brightness and screen shutter. Simply run the T Swipe Pro Gestures and customize the gestures by choosing the desired gesture. Contrary to similar versions, the program uses the minimum required permissions, which are indicative of the importance of the developer to the privacy of users.

Available actions:
Screen off
Home button
Recent apps
Expand notifications
Audio levels
Back button
Power menu
Split screen
Brightness mode
GPS settings
NFC settings

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