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Bluelight Filter Pro App

Bluelight Filter Pro App – The pro version of Android’s tiniest Bluelight Filter.

The damage done to the eye at night, especially in dark environments, is much higher, which is mainly due to the blue light of the screen. Apart from the use of anti-radiation glasses, one of the best ways to prevent such a problem is to use blue light filtering software. Bluelight Filter Pro as a professional and full-featured app designed to filter blue light screen for Android.It is being developed by PANAGOLA and published on Google Play. With this app and access to a variety of special tools, you can easily control blue light and control the sleep process. One of the best features included in the Blowout filter is the support of a variety of colors for the light filter, which makes each user selectable one to their taste. If your favorite color is not in the list, create it and minimize damage with a special layer.

 Multiple filters with a variety of colors

  • Ability to edit existing filters and create your own custom colors
  • Possibility to preview filters on the screen
  • There are professional timers to enable or disable filters
  • Turn on or off filters manually via the status bar
  • Night mode with black filter!

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