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Smart Booster Pro 7.2

Smart Booster Pro 7.2 – It is  v7.2 build (902) + Mod

– The Best Android Optimization App 

Smart Booster Pro is one of the best Android smartphone optimization tools.It has been developed by the AntTek Mobile group. With a unique set of unique capabilities, this intelligent software allows you to fully monitor the various parts and resources of your device and eliminate all the reasons for slowdowns in the shortest possible time. The most important features used by the developer include the speed of the RAM; this feature supports four different levels of scanning and fixing slower speeds, so that even the slowest RAM also from the programs And the extra processing and the speed of the device will be like the first day! Identify unwanted files in the shortest possible time and delete them with just one touch so no problems will happen to your smartphone anymore. The above program has various features and highlights that will be discussed later on.

Some Features and Features of Smart Booster Pro Android:

  • Smart ROM boost device speed
  • Cache Cleaner to prevent sluggish programs
  • Extra system removes unwanted and extra files
  • Supports four different modes to increase the speed of RAM
  • Screen widgets and load disassembly tools for quick access to features
  • Display of SD card partitions
  • Professional management of installed programs
  • Ability to transfer existing applications to SD card
  • Saving battery life
  • Backup all programs
  • The system is very simple and easy
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