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Shuttle + Music Player

Shuttle + Music Player – Download Shuttle + Music Player Powerful Shuttle Music Player 

The latest full version of Plus and Full Unlock 

Has a very professional equalizer

Shuttle + Music Player is one of the best and most powerful Android music players, which, unlike its unpaid features, has been purchased by users from Google Policies more than 50,000 times and has won 4.5 points out of 5 from this website.

Some Features :

  • Ability to create a list
  • Equalizer support
  • Supports portrait and landscape modes
  • Different skins
  • Supports various widget types
  • Ability to mute the music after removing the headset
  • Music control feature with headset buttons
  • View the ready-to-play list in a special tape
  • Ability to download Album Art automatically
  • Ability to control music player from screen saver screen
  • Sleep Clock to turn off the program
  • Easy browsing of music folders
  • Change the music of the Lock Screen
  • Make a black list of music
  • Search and display music texts

There is always a problem for users that the default music player does not have many features and may not support some audio formats. That’s why users typically go to Android apps that offer more features and more, so they can handle all their needs. For those familiar with the music player, they know that this music player is recognized as one of the best and most powerful music player on Android.

The Shuttle + Music Player has an awesome look that shows the music inside of your phone with an attractive and spectacular look. You can change the way audio files are displayed in Shuttle + Music Player. Just run any of the files you want, just click once on the song you want to play that song.

This program is capable of playing high quality audio files and allows you to listen to high quality files. The ability to adjust the equalizer is also included in the Shuttle + Music Player, so you can adjust the playback equalizer to your taste. The program also has a variety of skins that you can choose from among them. You can get the latest version of Shuttle + Music Player with a direct link from the site.

Download Now-Size:5.9MB


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