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Polaroid Instant Cam

Polaroid Instant Cam – It is v1.0.22 – Android Polaroid Camera app 

Instant: Polaroid Instant Cam is a Polaroid camera for snapshots powered by Think Time Creations for Android smart devices.It has been published. With this camera, you can quickly capture images or take a photo of your smart device’s gallery, then add the Polaroid filter and border and add a classic image to your favorite text. Save memory! Everything is done realistically, and all the simulations are the slightest change with old Polaroid cameras.

Some features:

  • Creative and fun user interface
  • Inducing a true sense of photography with Polaroid cameras
  • Over 30 different effects with ten unique designs for Polaroid effects
  • The ability to adjust the effect of effects on recorded images
  • 10 fonts like handwriting to add to images
  • 26 different types of colored borders to see different
  • Easily share works recorded on social network
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