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Weight Track Assistant App

Weight Track Assistant App – It is v3.8.5.3 [Unlocked] 

Weight Track Assistant is a professional program to help reduce the weight of tablets and phones running Android With the help of its intelligent system, the user will follow the weight of users at any moment and will help them in this way. At the beginning of the program, enter your weight to get information such as BMI, fat percentage and BMR. It then measures your ideal weight by inserting your height. When using this software, you need to load your weight three times a day so that you can accurately chart your progress with graphical graphs. One of the biggest features of Weight Track Assistant is the unique system of goal setup, so that each time the users can see their goal, it will not fail to continue this difficult path. With every passing day you can see your progress and be more determined in your goals with a better mood.

Some features:

  • UI is very nice and user-friendly
  • Detailed BMI, fat percentage, BMR and waist to hip ratio
  • Add weight three times a day to increase the accuracy of the program
  • Precise weight changes
  • Track daily weight and target display
  • Graph graph for viewing progress
  • Supports two metric and imperial units
  • Supports cloud servers to prevent data loss
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