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Speech to Text Translator App

Speech to Text Translator AppIt is Unlocked v2.9.5 –

Speech to Text Translator TTS Produced and published by the FSM SOFT group, it helps its users to write texts in their own language and simultaneously translate them into different languages. The feature that has made the program popular among users around the world is its ability to be two-way so that you can type your text and broadcast it in any other language by audio streaming. To communicate with people around the world with ease and effortlessly. Easily copy typed text and share it with other users on social networks such as Telegram, Watts Up, Instagram, Facebook and more.

Speech to Text Translator translates your speech in real-time so that you can speak with people with different languages all around the world. Speech to Text Translator TTS is a funny and user-friendly speech recognition, text to speech (TTS) and an instant live translator application, which allows you to take notes easily by speaking. You can copy translation of these notes to clipboard and listen. You can send and share these notes with e-mail, SMS, social media and various instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and vs. You can also search these notes on the web. Speech to Text, Text to Speech (TTS) and instant translation features are all in one application ! Speak, translate, listen, send and search using Speech to Text Translator TTS ! You can also use this software for language education. You can learn to speak all languages. Enjoy Speech to Text Translator TTS !

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