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SaveMyTime App

SaveMyTime App – It is v1.2.11 – Android Time Saver App Premium Edition

SaveMyTime – Time Tracker Full Unlocked is the smart app name for saving you time saved by the Save My Time team for the operating system.Android has been released. Seo Mai Time is using a unique technology to prevent unusual mobile use, which can be a good alternative to screen locking applications. The SaveMyTime – Time Tracker Full method is such that every few minutes, once you can customize the time], the program will ask your activity and remind you of your great work! Add to it your activities and choose an icon for each one so that in case of similarity there is no interference with doing your daily activities. The amount of all your activities recorded at the end of your work will give you a complete report.

Forget about time tracking manually.
Average human being checks phone every 8 minutes, around 120 times a day. Save My Time is taking advantage of this habit. App replaces your standard lock screen and every couple minutes asks what you have been doing.

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