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FIT APP: Running, Walking,Fitness App

FIT APP: Running, Walking,Fitness App – FIT APP  – Android Fitness Premium App Premium Edition with all the functionality of the program.

FITAPP Running Walking Fitness Premium Unlocked As a sports GPS for fitness in the shortest time possible for Android FITAPP – The Fitness Walking GPS & Running App Company. One of the best features of this software is the dashboard, or the sports menu, which allows you to access calories consumed along the way and see your current location on Google Maps at any time. A selection of different sports such as biking, golf, cycling, hiking, etc. are included in this software, which will vary the way you calculate calories and energy, and you will get various information in every sport. When using a fit-game, it’s best to avoid neglecting the audio feedback you use to easily track your sports tracks easily and easily.

Some features:

  • Professional fitness js with various sports support
  • Unparalleled calories and fit every sport
  • Store exercise records and calories consumed per exercise
  • Determine your origin and destination from Google Maps when you start your exercise
  • Unique audio feedback for easier navigation on the track
  • Access to various sports information after the end of each day
  • Share your activities with your friends on social networks
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