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Fishing Points: GPS & Forecast Full 2.5.6 App

Fishing Points: GPS & Forecast Full 2.5.6 App – Fishing Points: – The best apps for Android android premium apps 
with access to all the features.

Fishing Points: GPS & Forecast Full Unlocked is a professional GPS tracker for fishing enthusiasts.It is being released by the Fishing Points for the Android operating system. With this software you can choose the best fishing grounds and enjoy no climactic, rough and fashionable weather … and enjoy this attractive sport. Access a set of Google Maps and go to the designated points without any delay. One of the most important features included in this suite is the use of maps entirely offline, this feature has made it even more accessible to the points you do not have access to. Save all the catches of the caught fish to access a wide history at any time!

Some features:

  • Save fishing places, hotspots and crossings
  • Record the displacement routes and the number of people along with you
  • Access to various information such as tide, weather and …
  • Find locations stored with the GPS navigation system
  • Offline mode with offshore graph
  • Professional compass
  • Daily and monthly activity forecasts
  • The exact time of sunrise and sunset
  • Share the recorded images of your catches
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