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Everywhere Launcher Pro App

Everywhere Launcher Pro App – It is v1.01

– Excellent and unique launcher for Android, unlocked version and PRO with all features.

Everywhere Launcher Pro is the most popular, most beautiful and most practical launcher built for Android smart devices.As you know, the default user interface of Android devices is due to its unobtrusive environment and lack of availability of features after a while, and you have to go to the launcher to compensate for the shortcomings that really need them, the launcher’s device environment It transforms you and presents great features to your device so that by now, dozens of stylish and unique launcher launches, we now intend to introduce Everywhere Launcher Pro, which in spite of the transformation Creating your Android user interface allows you to work professionally and professionally Through the sidebar to all the arbitrary phone with just one or two touch access!

Some features:

  • Add the desired number of programs, shortcuts, widgets or folders to the sidebar
  • Add the desired number of programs, shortcuts, widgets to a folder inside a sidebar.
  • Provides various types of gestures including: slide up / down / left / right, click, double click, long press
  • Sed Ultra-functional Page with the possibility to search and support T9.
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