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AFWall + (Donate)

AFWall + (Donate) – AFWall + (Donate) v2.9.6.1 

AFWall + (Donate) As a Firewall (Firewall) Professional and Powerful for Android OS Being developed and published by uk priya. As you know, as soon as the Internet is activated, all devices are connected to the Internet and use existing resources. In many cases, the connection of the software to the Internet is not effective and only causes unnecessary traffic. With this smart firewall, you can easily manage your Android device’s full access to the Internet and disable many unsafe and unnecessary communications. There are three types of mobile data connectivity, WiFi, and flat-panel support for VoIP, and blocks all communications with just one touch. Browse through your list of programs or see a single list of applications for fast data blocking. One of the most important abilities of the AFWall + (Donate) intelligent software is the ability to block all three levels of access so that you can enable two levels of the program and keep only one mode active. you have. If you are looking for a professional firewall, this application software will not be lost and stay tuned.

Some features:

  • The user interface is very simple and easy
  • Supports XPosed module
  • Supports three ways of communicating mobile data, WiFi and LAN
  • Search among existing apps list
  • Filtering displays applications
  • Select all, none, invert, clear for each column
  • View the total traffic flow by apps
  • Supports ipv4 and ipv6
  • Support for arm, X86 and MIPS devices
  • Ability to view packets blocked
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